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Law Mentorship

Jumpstart your successful legal career with a reliable mentor.

Our highly professional and experienced mentors serve students, whether they are an incoming 1L or graduating 3L, with simple, yet flexible monthly package options to help you not only meet the demands of law school, but also effectively prepare for the CA Bar Exam at the same time. Our programs are specifically tailored to fit student’s schedules.

Our mentoring program has been developed to provide a safe space for law school students to share their experiences and struggles with someone who understands the trials of law school. Our team will prioritize matching you with a mentor that recognizes both your long- and short-term goals. Each mentor has extensive experience with law school  and the study of law, ensuring that you will be put in contact with someone whose experience matches your expectations. 

Made simple and flexible to prioritize your academic and personal growth.

From beginning to end, our team will work with you to create a plan that is compatible with your goals, priorities, and schedule. Starting with package planning, you are given complete freedom in choosing a timeline that best meets your needs. We offer customizable add-on options if any of your goals are not addressed in our standard packages, guaranteeing that you are and remain advocative in your academic support journey.

Your initiative and active time management will continue to remain assets long after your law school journey. 

We know that personal and academic schedules are always subject to change, leading us to promote open, proactive communication between students and mentors to discuss schedule and appointment renegotiation. Our team remains dedicated to making our mentoring services work for you and your goals.

Law school can feel like it is designed to be difficult.

Get essential and specifically developed materials to cover everything that you will encounter on your law school journey and ensure that you can circumvent that design with confidence.

Through participation in our Law Mentorship, you will be given access to tested and proven materials guaranteed to increase your preparedness for your law studies. One-on-one tutoring with personalized curriculum and practice tests, CA Bar Exam prep, and legal writing workshops will be crafted to work alongside your law school’s curriculum and compliment your learning style and speed. Have a goal that is not covered by our curriculum? Let us know, and we will work with you to create a plan for your academic support.

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