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We know starting your legal journey can feel overwhelming...

Law School Admissions Landscape:

🚨 500,000 applications sent to law school admissions committees annually

🚨 60,000+ competitive applicants

🚨 Many with 175+ LSATs and 4.0 GPAs...

🚨 With majors across every discipline...all are considered 'Pre-Law'

You probably have asked yourself these questions:

How to make my law school apps stand out?

What are the best pre-law majors?

Best pre-law schools?

First, let's clear things up and set you on the right track:

What is 'Pre-Law'?

Think of 'Pre-Law' as your personal journey from high school graduation to law school applications. It's everything you do and learn along the way- your classes, experiences, extracurriculars, skills, interests, passions, achievements, honors, awards, leadership, and growth that shape you into a strong law school candidate.

"There is no single path that will prepare you for a legal education...Legal education welcomes and values diversity and you will benefit from the exchange of ideas and different points of view that your colleagues will bring to the classroom."
Pre-law. American Bar Association

In reality, there's no single 'best' Pre-Law major or school.

but the good news is...

strategically crafting your 'legal story' can set yourself apart.

Answering these questions with specificity, creativity, and authenticity, is precisely why developing your admissions strategy now is critical for your college and/or law school applications.

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  1. What motivates you to pursue law?
  2. How does attending [insert desired college/law school] align with your ambitions, goals, and vision for your future?
  3. How do your experiences, background, and/or interests have shaped you and will shape your engagement in [insert desired college/law school]'s community and the legal profession?

This is why developing your a winning admissions strategy early on is key.

Your winning admissions strategy consists of:

  • Your personal profile, test scores, GPA, career goals, financial situation
  • Your extracurricular list/resume that demonstrates diverse and rich experiences aligning with your academic pursuits in law
  • Having an intentional and balanced college/law school list that matches your interests and legal objectives 
  • Having a cohesive application narrative that showcases the different facets of your legal story
  • Crafting a compelling personal statement that weaves the nuances of your legal story and blending together all of your application components for the reader

...and many more based on your profile.

This will help you:

  • Save Time and $$$: Reduce the need for so many hours (if any at all) of consultation and fees that could range from $10k to $30k
  • Make your application uniquely you and unforgettable in the minds of admissions committees
  • Get more opportunities to scholarships, grants, and/or funding

We're better than all our competition

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The First Honors

The First Honors team consists of attorneys, designers, writers, and educators that have faced similar challenges as you. We see the unique qualities of your experiences, and approach your story with the same dedication and detail that an attorney would bring to their legal cases.

We listen to you with genuine interest and compassion to help you uncover and articulate your story, even if you don't really know what this story is yet. With this in mind, we combined our skills to meticulously craft the curriculum for our Unlocking Admissions Bootcamp: Law Edition.

We strongly believe that working together with us to develop your admissions strategy will help your applications leave a lasting impression on admissions committees and view them as the gold standard. Our goal is to provide tools and support that help you succeed in your legal journey.

Headshot of Ron Ruantragool.

Ron Ruangtragool, Esq.

IEC & Founder, First Honors
Notre Dame Law, J.D.

“As an educator, attorney, and entrepreneur, I've learned that our identities are not defined by a single path, but by our experiences and growth we gained along the way.”

Unlocking Admissions Bootcamp


Session 2 enrollment Closes soon!

Each 2-week course includes:

of live seminars
(2 hrs per module)
of interactive hands-on 2-pt workshop series
deliverables aligned
with learning modules
access to Legal Roadmap: hybrid E-learning hub

Session 2: July 29 - August 11, 2024

Online Format Via Zoom

Seminars: Mondays & Thursdays @9AM-11AM PST
Workshops: Saturdays @10AM-4PM PST

Mastering College Apps for Future Lawyers

Designed for high school students interested in a career in law, this course will prepare you with the strategies, insights, and confidence needed to stand out and gain a competitive edge in the college admissions process.

In 4 core seminars...

Module 1: Beyond Spikes, Hooks, and Edges: Transform Extracurriculars into Law Supercurriculars

Module 2: Leverage Strategic College Research for a Chance-Me Boost

Module 3: The Strategic Blueprint for the Perfect Pre-Law Application Narrative

Module 4: Showcase your Authentic Pre-Law Story into a powerful personal statement


“From Ambition to Admission” Essay Strategy Workshop 2-pt. series

"What's Your Story? Defining and Refining"

In two 6-hour interactive, hands-on workshops, students will learn the exclusive process of crafting a compelling and authentic personal statement for their college applications, focusing on storytelling techniques, self-reflection, and effective writing strategies.

Mastering Law School Apps for Aspiring Attorneys

Designed for law school applicants, and ambitious Pre-Law college students, and recent graduates, this course will equip you with critical insights to craft a winning admissions strategy.

In 4 core seminars...

Module 1L: Enhancing your Legal Resume with Meaningful Law-Centric Values

Module 2L: Optimizing your Law School List with strategic (legal) Research

Module 3L: Refining your Law School Application Narrative BLUEPRINT

Module 4L: Designing an Impactful Personal Statement for your LEGAL STORY

Session 2: July 29 - August 11, 2024

Online Format Via Zoom

Seminars: Mondays & Thursdays @3PM-5PM PST
Workshops: Saturdays @10AM-4PM PST

In this course, you will also receive:

(1) Legal Resume Review & Edit
(1) Comprehensive Law School List Analysis
(1) 1-on-1 Strategy Session w/ IEC and Law School Admissions Expert (30 mins)
(1) Personal Statement Critique & Feedback


“From Passion to Profession” Essay Strategy Workshop 2-pt. Series

“Designing Your Legal Story” & “The Anatomy of Winning Essays”

In two 6-hr interactive hands-on workshops, students will learn the creative strategies, professional school-level insights, and insider tips to craft a winning law school personal statement.

There's no single path to your legal journey...

Ron Ruangtragool as a young child.

I'm Ron, and I’ll be your law mentor on your legal journey. The path to law school can be overwhelming and confusing - trust me, I've been there. After passing the CA Bar Exam, I vowed to guide law students with the insights that helped me succeed.

One key lesson? Embracing your unique story can set you apart in law.

My story began at military boarding school at 11. Over 5 transformative years at Army and Navy Academy, I evolved from a boy whose greatest achievement was beating Pokémon Blue into a decorated senior cadet with a 4.43 GPA, 10 APs, and 12 leadership roles.

For college admissions, I struggled to identify which achievement defined me. Then it hit me—my identity wasn’t defined by one accolade but by the life lessons, leadership skills, and discipline I gained as a military cadet. Crafting my personal statement around this narrative was the key to stand out to admissions officers, unlocking acceptances to Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.

Ron Ruangtragool in military uniform.
Ron Ruangtragool in UCLA T-shirt along side graduation cap and gown.

At UCLA, I excelled academically but was uncertain about my future in law. I felt pressured to choose one path, so I took the default pre-law advice—majoring in Political Science and pursuing law internships.

It wasn’t until my last semester that I decided on law school, realizing the pre-law advice I followed as a freshman did little to help me craft a unique narrative. After graduation, I found myself at a crossroads, seeking a deeper sense of purpose before the next chapter.

Seeking clarity, I ordained as a monk in Thailand. This journey of self-discovery reignited my passion for the law and refreshed my approach to my law school applications.

By weaving this experience into my 'Legal Story,' I crafted a compelling narrative that earned a prestigious fellowship to Notre Dame Law.

Ron Ruangtragool as an ordained monk.
Ron Ruangtragool in Notre Dame Law School.

Swearing-in Ceremony w/ CA Rep. Katie Porter

‘No result is easy which is worth having. Your education begins when what is called your education is over.’ Oliver Wendell Holmes' words only became clear to me after law school. I realized my experiences—from military school to monastic life—were key steps, not detours, in my career as a different kind of lawyer.

Success in my legal career wasn't from a set path, but from merging my passions for law, education, and business. By inspiring students, I aim to legal career that leaves a meaningful impact—a result worth having.

Remember, there’s no single ‘right’ path to your legal journey. Embracing uncertainty, challenges, and triumphs will form the bedrock of your legal story. As your law mentor, I’m here to help you harness these experiences to jumpstart your journey to law school and your future legal career.

Here’s what to expect after enrolling:

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Mastering College Apps for Future Lawyers

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Mastering Law School Apps for Aspiring Attorneys

Early Bird Special: $2680

BOOST my law school apps

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Reg Price: $4500

payment plans available upon request
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