Transfer Playbook

Transfer Playbook

Transferring to a new college? Continuing your education?

Transferring students are fairly common in the academic world due to a multitude of reasons. Some of these reasons may be personal/academic/financial issues, a change of major, or simply continuing education. There are plenty of well-known successful people that are transfer students such as Lucy Liu, Barrack Obama, George Lucas, and Warren Buffet. According to data collected by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, about 4 out of 10 students will transfer to another college and colleges are looking to increase the number of transfer students they accept.

Don't feel alone navigating a successful transfer.

If you are planning on transferring from another school to continue your education, we can help. Too often, students feel alone in this process of transferring with unhelpful counselors, busy parents, or other lacking resources. Our goal is to alleviate this feeling, instill the confidence to transfer, have all the things necessary to have a successful transfer, and make sure the college they are transferring to is the right fit for them.

We have developed a program and playbook to give transfer students the best chance at success. Our team completes a comprehensive analysis of student goals, prior-college experience and transcripts, requirements for their desired major at the new college of choice, and more.

Spend more time learning and less time worrying.

Whether students are transferring to a 4-year university, graduate program, or the like, we map out every step in an easy-to-follow guide for them to reference. We help create unique academic experiences as a result of learning the strengths and goals of each student. This way, students can focus on learning and spend less time figuring out curricular alignment and bureaucracies of desired schools.

We help create unique academic experiences as a result of learning the strengths of each student and applying it to their customized playbook.

Transfer Playbook FAQs

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