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General Questions

How do your services work?
Where do mentoring/coaching sessions take place?
How do I pay for services?
What if I have to cancel my session?
What are your Admissions and College Planning coaches’ qualifications?

Admissions Coaching Questions

How many sessions will I need?
My high school already has a college counselor and other resources for the college application process. Why do I need your services?
How many schools should I apply to?
I am a senior and it’s Thanksgiving. Is it too late to start?
I’m a good writer. Why do I need help with my application essays?
I have no clue what to write my essays about. There’s nothing unique about me.
How do your Admissions Coaches approach each student?
What can your Admissions Coaches help with?

College Planning Questions

What is college planning?
What can your College Planning Coaches help with?
When should I start college planning?
Why is college planning important?
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