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our history

Helping students realize their potential since 2018.

We are  more than just a group of Independent Educational Consultants (IECs). We are dedicated Educational Strategists trusted by hundreds of parents and students worldwide to address and resolve the most complex, diverse problems unique to each student's academic career.

First Honors was founded in 2018 by, Thai-American and California attorney, Ron Ruangtragool, Esq. Through hard work, extensive academic and legal experience, along with a passion for helping others, Ron went on to receive his certificate from UC Irvine for Independent Education Consulting. This allowed him to better serve his community and create a business he wished he had as a student; a business that provides useful and relevant tools to succeed in today's academic world.

Founder and CEO, Ron Ruangtragool Esq., standing with congresswoman Katie Porter. Both standing and smiling at the camera.

Ron Ruangtragool, Esq.
IEC & California Attorney

Why us?

Genuine care and attention that produces results.

By incorporating human-centered design, empathy, and a holistic approach, we carefully analyze each student’s story to identify their unique strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. As a result, this helps us and the student collaboratively develop strategies to express their stories in a consistent and compelling way, especially when it comes to admissions. It's through this focused mentorship and strategic planning, that we're able to tailor individualized roadmaps with multi-faceted solutions optimized for their academic success. 

While we specialize in law school admissions, legal education, and international admissions, our expertise covers all academic levels—from high school and college to graduate and professional school—making us the premier full-service firm committed to supporting students throughout their journey.

Our specialized services offer superlative guidance with measurable success. Our Integrated Programs feature a curriculum tailored to each student's needs. Additionally, our new Journeys program, including our flagship Legal Journey, aims to inspire and thoroughly prepare the next generation of legal minds.

Our culture

We lead students through service and understanding.

We are a diverse team of lawyers, educational designers, and technologists. We all have experienced our own academic journeys that led us to where we are now. Somewhere along this journey, all of us reached a point of realization that our past selves, or someone close to us, could have benefited from some extra guidance.

This unified understanding brought together our network of highly skilled tutors, coaches, and consultants, that are devoted to innovating and supporting the student experience at every chapter of their academic journey.

At our core, we aim to equip students with the foundational tools, strategies, and knowledge to navigate and overcome any of their academic challenges and tell their unique stories with self-reliance, confidence, and their authentic voice. 

educational Associations

Our Independent Educational Consultants are a part of the following Associations:

Western Association for College Admission Counseling logoHigher Education Consultants Association logoNational Association for College Admission Counseling logoIndependent Educational Consultants Association logo

Join our team, and help the students of today, become the great leaders of tomorrow.

Do you have experience as a tutor, mentor, or other form of educational consulting? We would love for you to work with us to continue creating a diverse organization that makes academia and success more accessible and effective for our students. We welcome those with unique perspectives, along with a strong sense of empathy and compassion for students' education.

Please inquire below by sending us an email with a CV and a little about yourself. We look forward to working with you!

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