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our history

Helping students realize their potential since 2018.

First Honors was founded in 2018 by, Thai-American and California attorney, Ron Ruangtragool, Esq. Prior to that, he graduated with two bachelor’s degrees from UCLA, received his J.D. from Notre Dame Law School, and then passed the State of California Bar exam. Although he is an astounding attorney, he knew he wanted to use his skillset and talents for the greater good by making education more accessible to everyone, especially the AANHPI community and other disenfranchised groups of people.

Through hard work, extensive academic and legal experience, as well as having a passion for helping others, Ron went on to receive his certificate from UC Irvine for Independent Education Consulting. This allowed him to better serve his community and create a business he wished he had as a student; a business that provides useful and relevant tools to succeed in today's academic world. Since the company's inception, Ron has amassed a network of highly skilled tutors, coaches, and consultants, from top-tier schools such as Harvard, Columbia, and others. Our educational professionals assist students in every part of their academic journey with a personal, friendly, and empathetic touch.

Founder and CEO, Ron Ruangtragool Esq., standing with congresswoman Katie Porter. Both standing and smiling at the camera.

CEO/Founder Ron Ruangtragool, Esq. with California Congresswoman Katie Porter

Why us?

Boutique academic services with effective results.

First Honors provides the foundational tools students need to reach their maximum potential and make a meaningful global impact as future leaders. Taking a holistic approach to academia and incorporating the principles of human-centered design, we developed innovative educational models and tailor these strategies to not only empower students to meet their academic goals, but also to enhance their personal development.

We make sure to truly understand students by not treating them like students, but simply people on a quest for knowledge and fulfillment. Through careful attention, natural conversations, deep empathy, as well as creating plans and environments for them to really nail down what it is they want to do with their lives. This allows the students to feel like themselves and build sustainable confidence to change the world as we know it.

Our culture

We lead students through service and understanding.

Today, high school and college counselors do not have enough time or ample resources to give the necessary individualized attention to each student. Since they have to attend to the hundreds or even thousands of other students, the needs of underclassmen tend to be overlooked.

We at First Honors believe that every student, regardless of grade level, should be allocated access to ample resources and personalized attention to assist them in reaching their personal goals.

The above is why get to know our students on a much deeper level than most school services ever will since we focus time and energy to really understanding their passions, goals, habits, schedules, and more to build a plan that works uniquely and effectively for them.


Help us help students be the best they can be.

Do you have experience as a tutor, mentor, or other form of educational consulting? We would love for you to work with us to create an organization that is as diverse as we can while making academia and success more accessible and effective for any student, regardless of background or status. We look to hire those with a diverse perspective, along with a strong sense of empathy and compassion for students' education.

Please inquire below by sending us an email with a CV and a little about yourself. We look forward to working with you!

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