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International Students

Similar to our domestic mentorship programs, we help guide students using advanced tools and techniques that allow them to explore their interests and potential careers while giving them greater insight into the admissions process, curriculum, and lifestyle of attending US colleges. We hope students will walk away with a better understanding of themselves, their strengths and career options to build upon for future exploration.

Our international student mentorship program offers students outside of the United States help in transitioning into American college life. Our program offers a mentor who can you can reach for almost all of your questions. We match students to a trained mentors based on similar academic or personal interests. We try our best to also match students to mentors based on cultural, geographic, or linguistic similarities.

Many international students report feeling frustrated early in their academic careers due to language barriers and lack of awareness to the norms of U.S. academia. For instance, in many countries, a student’s role is more passive when interacting with professors, even in small classroom settings. Some international students report feeling unprepared when tasked with challenging an author’s arguments in a discussion on the reading. Such engagements may seem strange or unnecessary to many students who were trained under a different academic tradition. Many international students also feel additional stressors adjusting to life in a new country away from family and friends.

Our program aims to match students with mentors who can help to mitigate many of these areas of concern. A compassionate mentor can provide a point of contact for a student who may feel lost and help the student stay focused from admission to graduation, while simplifying and overcoming obstacles along the way.

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