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Our mentorship programs are personalized to meet the particular needs of each individual student by navigating all the academic requirements for a proposed major, professional career field, or graduate program, which can be complicated and confusing. A mentor with similar experiences as you will provide you with the necessary advice in the right direction. Personal growth is too often inhibited by not being assured they matter in order to deal with critical challenges life can have. We value that support the most, as students have seen the personal development it creates in their academic and professional careers.

Our graduate school mentors serve as a guide throughout your professional training. They will provide both professional and personal advice in helping you transition into and out of school.

Mentors give constructive feedback on writing, teaching, and other elements in shaping your future career. They can also serve to help students balance professional goals with their own personal development and give emotional support during challenging times. Mentoring offers the resources that help graduate students find success and fulfillment in their academic and professional pursuits.

Our program will match you with a mentor in your field of interest who will help you with research ideas, studying for coursework, and examining particular goals in your program. You will gain perspective on the intricacies of your discipline and how it operates academically and socially.

Our mentors are experienced in the techniques needed for networking and collaboration with professionals in your industry. Our mentors will help you acquire the skills needed to contribute to scholarly endeavors in your field while also helping you develop the communication skills necessary to confidently speak about the challenging intellectual work with peers and faculty.

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